Graduate Student Alliance


CCA's Graduate Student Alliance (GSA) organizes graduate student events such as New Graduate Student Orientation, the annual SFAI vs. CCA homecoming flag football game and tailgate in the fall, and the All Grad Prom in the spring.

We host a monthly DisCo, an open forum for Discussion and Collaboration, which allows students from all programs to present work and gain constructive feedback from peers outside their program.

We also fund graduate students' projects through micro-grants and workshop grants, allowing students to pitch, plan, and produce their unique events. 

Behind the scenes we act as liaison between the graduate student community and the Board of Trustees, president, and other members of the college community.

We believe student voices fuel CCA's efforts and direct the college's focus at every stage of activity.

GSA Goals

  • Sponsor events or initiatives proposed and executed by graduate students that foster community, discourse, and entertainment across departments
  • Provide convenient venues for open communication among students, faculty, and administration
  • Maintain and publish an annual survey that records student opinions about classroom, facilities, department, and campuswide issues
  • Advocate for students on issues from greater diversity in the curriculum to greater accessibility of campus facilities

(Note: Neither membership application nor fees are required to join.)

Leadership Opportunities

GSA is made up of two co-director positions. These positions are perfect for individuals who enjoy communicating, advocating for others, planning events, networking, and reporting.

Active leaders have the greatest accessibility to all students, faculty, and administrators.

GSA directors play a significant role in involving others in the student life experience. The two selected directors should plan to work closely together on all aspects of the one-year, paid position.

The position tenure begins at the start of the spring semester and is completed at the end of the fall semester. The position's responsibilities average 16-18 hours per month.

These positions are available to first-year graduate students or continuing second-year dual-degree students on a three year track, as they will not interfere with your final thesis semester.

(Note: Active GSA members receive priority consideration for leadership positions.)

Interested? Email 

Apply for a Community Micro-Grant

Consider creating an event or initiative that addresses the broad range of graduate student concerns or needs. See the list of past projects, below, for ideas; however, we also encourage new and unique suggestions.

Micro-grants are a playful, fun, and quick way to spark ideas and community activity within the CCA graduate student community.

In the past, this has included campus events, field trips, creating an on-campus garden, purchasing the Hooper basketball hoop, and a wide variety of other ideas. Workshop grants allow graduate students to host a skill, share, or workshop for others in the graduate community. Past funded workshops included a screen-print social and a bicycle maintenance workshop. 

Consider in your proposal:

  • Budget -- GSA has a limited set amount of funds. Try pitching a great idea that requires a smaller portion of funding. Micro-grants are up to $150 and workshop grants are issued at $100.
  • Reach -- GSA-sponsored community events should appeal to students across all disciplines.
  • Creativity -- bring fresh and engaging ideas.

(Note: Applications must be submitted two three weeks prior to the proposed event or workshop.)

Interested? To kicstart the process and obtain a link for the application, email 


Examples of Past GSA Events

  • Screen-printing workshop
  • Somewhere in Berlin exhibition
  • Graduate mixer at Thee Parkside
  • CCA family suppers
  • Spitshiny ’zine (fine arts magazine for the CCA community)
  • corporate sponsorship teach-in
  • FARM project
  • visiting printmakers
  • mini-livestock lunch
  • Bean-in (a temporary restaurant)