Make Your Mark

Today’s designer needs to move nimbly across ideas, disciplines, and skills -- grasping both the innovation and iteration driving global markets -- and fueling social change. We embrace an understanding of and practice in interaction, industrial, and visual design as linked activities.

CCA’s Graduate Program in Design invites students to engage with core challenges -- from the increasing reach of technologies to mediating the effects of climate change to addressing the expanding role of design in all aspects of society.

Make Design That Matters

You’ll find an award-winning, globally recognized faculty of thought leaders among the interaction, industrial, and communication designers -- drawn from the vibrant Bay Area design community. We understand the design marketplace, offering a curriculum that integrates the threads of context and content. Through either the two- or three-year tracks, you’ll learn what a design experience is -- as well as the role of the user or audience -- as you create and execute projects, embracing disciplines and cultures.

Make the Future of Design

CCA’s San Francisco campus is located in the robust design district -- the innovation corridor. We leverage our location and connections with leading design minds. We partner with key industry leaders to create timely topic studios. You will have access to a brand-new tools lab, a dynamic classroom, and studio space for making across disciplines. From Google to Intel to Hot Studio to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, our graduates land in a host of game-changing environments. Past visitors include such visionaries as Tim Brown of IDEO, Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine, and Michael Carabetta, creative director at Chronicle Books.

Visit the supplemental MFA Program in Design's website for existing and potential graduate design students.