Tips for Success

Review the tips listed on this page to maximize the benefits of an internship.

Stay connected to CCA's Career Development Student Resources to help you prepare for your internship.

Participate in special events such as Employer Portfolio Reviews, Career Treks, and Résumé and Portfolio Labs.

Don’t forget to search internship and job opportunities on CCA Works and attend Career Expo, where you will connect with an impressive array of Bay Area employers.

Job Search 
  • Edit your portfolio. A few good pieces are better than too many.
  • Check the recommended internship site list; ask your instructors and fellow students for suggestions, and research websites and design publications.
  • Be sure to research your potential employers -- know who they are and what they do.
  • Show process work as well as final presentations.
  • Send your designed résumé with a designed cover letter introducing yourself and explaining what you are looking for.
  • Remember it's a numbers game. It may take a lot of mailings, calls, and interviews to find your intern job.
  • Rehearse your presentation. Be conscious of your physical impression -- don't under or overdress.
  • If a position is offered to you, express your enthusiasm and interest, and ask for a description of the internship.If you send work by email, be sure that your file is a PDF of maximum 5MB and references your name. (i.e., Susan Smith_Graphic-Design_Intern.PDF).
  • Be ready to explain your schedule (i.e., what days and what hours you will be available).
  • If they don't have an opening, ask if they have any suggestions about whom else to call. Be prepared to take notes.
As an Intern
  • Be punctual.
  • No job is too big or too small. Keep a list of your regular duties, in addition to daily requests made of you. When in doubt about priorities, ask for advice.
  • Be humble. Most internships are not junior-design positions.