In our innovative Printmaking Program, you’ll expand your skills as a critical thinker and push your boundaries as an artist.


Discover New Printmaking Possibilities

Develop your craft as a printmaker and refine your voice as an artist. In our program, you’ll explore both traditional and experimental printmaking techniques, while also diving deep into contemporary art theory and cultural dialogue.

Reimagine & Experiment with Printmaking

In our well-equipped printmaking facilities, you’ll discover a full range of techniques that include book arts, etching, lithography, digital printing, screen printing, relief art, monotype, and letterpress. Working with a diverse faculty of instructors who’ve exhibited around the world, and learning among inquisitive, experimental peers, you’ll be challenged to reimagine the dynamic art of printmaking.

Exhibit Locally & Globally

With opportunities to develop and exhibit your work through such opportunities as the Hamaguchi Printmaking Scholarship program and the Kala Art Institute residency, you’ll cultivate a truly global perspective. And with Oakland’s vibrant arts community near campus, you’ll also tap into the thriving local art scene. It’s the experience and inspiration you need to develop your artistic vision -- and make your creative future happen.