Senior fashion student working with a model in the Nave.

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View a recap of the 2022 Fashion Runway. Directed by Eman Ordonez, with music by Jengi, Sacha Vee.

The BFA in Fashion Design trains the next generation of designers to be on the forefront of fashion, technology, and material innovation. Located in the country’s West Coast cultural and technology hub, the CCA fashion program prepares young professionals to meet a rapidly changing global fashion industry by imagining new modes of dress and construction of garments, as well as learning how to make connections across disciplines.

Through small class sizes and student centered mentorship, you will develop your point of view within cultural, technological, and social contexts. You'll have access to analog, mechanical, and digital tools in the fashion program and across all disciplines so you can build a broad range of skill sets necessary for meeting the challenges of a fast changing world.

Fashion Design faculty May Liang and student Camila Wandemberg look over a portfolio of work.

Fashion Design faculty May Liang and student Camila Wandemberg.

Graduates from our program enter into a range of fashion and related careers, including knitwear design, fashion design innovation, sustainable fabric development, children’s wear design, menswear design, technical design, and concept development.

Student sort through stacks of used clothing in a warehouse.

Students in Ecology of Clothing class witness the volume of goods being sorted in Goodwill’s warehouse in South San Francisco.

Inspiration from the Bay Area

The fashion industry is experiencing immense disruption, in part because of new technologies that originated right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Home to iconic brands, cutting-edge design firms, and cultural leaders, our city serves as a constant inspiration for students. From gallery openings and public film screenings to performance art, lecture series, and hackathons, myriad events take place around our community each week that challenge old ways of thinking and inspire new ideas.

Studios & Shops

Designing for the 21st century

Laser etching design on denim.

Laser-etched denim designed to lay flat. Designed by Chengxiang Chu (BFA Fashion Design 2020) and Yifan Wang (BFA Fashion Design 2020).

Master traditional techniques

We develop fashion designers with strong conceptual capabilities and distinct points of view. As you begin mastering traditional techniques in tailoring and pattern drafting and construction, you’ll also take courses in critical studies, fashion history, and sustainability, which provide context for lively design classes. By being immersed in intensive studio making and critical thinking, you’ll develop core skills toward becoming a visionary thinker and doer who is ready to influence the fashion sector for good.

Close up view of laser etching on denim pants.

Laser-etched denim, designed by Chengxiang Chu (MFA Fashion Design 2020) and Yifan Wang (MFA Fashion Design 2020).

  • Translate concepts and research into physical fashion forms
  • Move easily between analog (by hand) and digital methods in 2D, 3D, and time-based media
  • Express your vision through 2D illustrations and 3D products
  • Build a collection, dressing systems, curated installations, websites, and experimental videos
  • Use written communication to tell stories about your process, products, design vision, brand, and business
  • Make connections between your ideas, global fashion, and culture
Student look over fabric samples at a denim factory.

Fashion design students viewing laser-etched denim samples at Saitex on a 2022 trip to Los Angeles.

Combine the traditional with cross-disciplinary methods

In addition to traditional fashion design, our program encourages cross-disciplinary methods and experimentation in development and making. You will have the opportunity to take a range of studio courses in bio-design, industrial design, interaction design, social practice, and textiles. These courses will help broaden your perspective, enhance your visual design vocabulary, and build your teamwork skills—all of which are critical for success in contemporary professional practice.

James Zormeir (BFA Fashion Design 2012), now a designer for Nike Innovation, discusses alternative materials and garment construction.

Visiting professionals join classes and workshops throughout the year to provide feedback and mentorship for students. Guests include Annie Gullingsrud, circular design strategist; Rebecca Burgess, founder of Fibershed; Jonathan Cheung, independent consultant in design, innovation, sustainability, materials science, human behavior, and culture; Paul Dillinger, vice president of global innovation at Levi Strauss & Co.; Sarah Kozlowski, director of education and sustainable strategies at the Council of Fashion Designers of America; mask maker Lance Victor Moore; Carmen Gama, designer of Eileen Fisher Renew; Nicole Bassett and Maura Dilley, founders of Cascade Circular, and more.

Embrace new technologies and business models

Our fashion program trains you to be adaptable and innovative in a rapidly changing industry. Expert faculty, whose wide-ranging practices embrace new technologies and groundbreaking systems of making, provide you with one-on-one support to reach your full potential. You'll be exposed to multiple material manipulations, from digital technologies and molding to biodesign and modularity, informing your personal vision for the future of fashion. Questioning traditional fashion industry practices is essential to this process, which is why we introduce you to cutting-edge professionals engaged in new forms of business and enterprises that focus on ecological and social issues.

CCA Fashion Design student Lily Xi Wan, who was selected as a finalist in the 19th International Arts of Fashion Competition hosted at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Wan is one of only 50 finalists chosen from 397 fashion students representing 30 countries and 103 schools and universities.

Enter fashion design competitions

Our students have participated in national and international fashion competitions, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Future Graduate Showcase, Joe’s Blackbook, The Biodesign Challenge (recent graduate Camila Wandemberg was a runner-up in 2020), Innovation by Design Awards from Fast Company, and Arts of Fashion Foundation, Google Global Youth Sprint, and Swarovski Foundation Creatives for Our Future, to name a few.

CCA is one of only 11 U.S. colleges invited to participate in the CFDA’s Fashion Future Graduate Showcase. Students have also consistently won placements in Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s Future of Fashion awards, the Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge, and the Royal Society of Arts Design for Society awards.

CCA Fashion Design student Clair posing next to their work.

Collaborate and intern with major brands

Regular guest speakers, workshops, and collaborations will expose you to a range of professionals and internship opportunities. In recent years, students have interned for Nike Innovation, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Erica Tanov, TROVE, Gap, Banana Republic, Re/Make, Levi Strauss & Co., Libertine, Amour Vert, Jad Baghdadi atelier, and Tea Collection.

Many of the companies and organizations in the Bay Area that are part of the CCA community are leading the way in new business models, radical transparency, social justice, and sustainability. For example, we’re one of three U.S. colleges partnering with Re/Make, a nonprofit developing worker-centric terms of business engagement, to bring students into supply chains to meet with workers directly at their homes and workplaces. Recent experiences include:

A group of standing in a grassy field.

Local Fiber Incubator Class students visit a Fibershed regenerative wool ranch in Bolinas, CA. Photo by Lynda Grose/CCA.

We also partner with Fibershed so students can visit regenerative wool ranches to understand how to source carbon-negative fibers and develop carbon-negative products. Our partnership with the Sustainable Cotton Project allows students to tour cotton farms, meet with scientists and farmers, and experience regenerative cotton cultivation systems first-hand. These experiences position students well to earn jobs and internships related to sustainability.

Watch students tour cotton farms and processing facilities in California’s San Joaquin Valley as part of a grant from Cotton Incorporated.

Receive feedback from visiting designers and innovators

Practicing designers and industry professionals, including founders of innovative companies, regularly attend our fashion critiques. Students have a chance to learn from their direct experience on a range of topics, including:

  • Bio-fabrication
  • Brand resale
  • Social innovation
  • Zero waste
  • Design for carbon-negative products
Jonathan Cheung looks over Yipin Lee’s fashion design drawings.

Fashion Design senior Yipin Lee discusses senior thesis with reviewer Jonathan Cheung, former head of design at Levi’s.

Guests include zero-waste innovators Holly McQuillan and Timo Rissanen ; Andy Ruben, founder of Trove, a business-to-business resale company; Carole Collet, Lucy Jones, designer and founder of Fashion For All (FFORA); Jonathan Cheung, independent consultant in design, innovation, sustainability, and culture; and Beth Esponnette, founder of unspun, as well as local business owners, independent designers, stylists, and artists.

View the 2017 Fashion Experience lookbook.

Debut your collection at our annual fashion show

Every spring, all fashion design seniors present their thesis collections to a professional jury of design directors, industry insiders, innovators, and recruiters. This culminates in an end-of-year Fashion Experience that often includes a performance walkway, tactile portfolios, experimental videos, and installations.

A female model poses at the 2019 Fashion show.

Maya Hazem (BFA Fashion Design) models at CCA’s 2019 fashion show.

These events take place on and off campus and are planned around the emergent point of view of each senior cohort. Students collaborate with faculty and professionals to cast their own models, style outfits, plan the show, and work backstage, while first-, second-, and third-year students are also assigned roles (and even model in the show!). This collaborative experience builds camaraderie between students and provides experience for professional practice.

Explore materiality in shops and exhibition spaces

All CCA students have access to collegewide shops. Featuring a range of mechanical and digital equipment, including those associated with traditional fashion design, CCA shops support multiple modes of creativity. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from and solve problems with peers, as well as the freedom to explore materiality through different mediums and modes of working. From experimentation with 3D technology in the VR Lab to life-drawing exercises in drawing studios, diverse shop experiences make you adaptable to a range of opportunities after college.

CCA also has a number of gallery and exhibition venues, including the Campus Gallery. In these spaces, you’ll learn about curation and installation—including how to document your process and present your work in group exhibitions—and make connections to a wider community of creatives, forming bonds that last a lifetime. View upcoming events and exhibitions.

Examples of tools and equipment

  • Needle felter
  • Knitting machines
  • Leather/heavy-duty sewing machine
  • Printing tables and screens
  • Vacuum-forming machine
  • Laser cutter/etcher
  • Leather walking foot
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Digital fashion illustration tools
  • 3D printer
  • Silicone molding
  • Dedicated studio spaces
  • Large-scale plotter/printers


Learn from practicing fashion designers

Our faculty members help you develop your artistic voice and connect you with fashion-related internships and roles that complement your values and aspirations. You’ll have the unique opportunity to work alongside experts in carbon-negative fibers, circular systems, embedded robotics, sustainability, and other emergent fields.

Imagining potential futures

Our faculty members help you develop your artistic voice and connect you with fashion-related internships and roles that complement your values and aspirations. From traditional fashion design to shoe design and sustainable fashion design, jewelry design, and costume design for films, our faculty’s areas of expertise are cross-disciplinary and future-focused.

Annie Gullingsrud, for example, teaches a course on the ecology of clothing, drawing inspiration from her work as strategy director for the digital ID company EON and consultant on materials for circular fashion for Stella McCartney, H&M, and Marks & Spencer. Rebecca Burgess, who teaches a course on the connections between local fiber systems, global carbon cycles, and creative making, is challenging the fashion sector through her work as founder of Fibershed. Burgess works with wool producers to sequester carbon in the soil and is a world leader in regenerative fiber development.

Pushing the boundaries of art and design

Our faculty actively expand the boundaries of art and design. Anthony Murray has previously done pioneering work in sustainability with Levi’s and Of the Clay. Fashion historian Melissa Leventon is an authority in the archival and curation of costumes and textiles and consults for individuals and museums across the globe. Ghazaleh Khalifeh has exhibited at New York Fashion Week, in Paris, Milan, and at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Lynda Grose is an internationally recognised pioneer in sustainable fashion design and artisan microenterprise development. Chair Greg Climer’s work explores queer culture and is exhibited nationally and internationally.

Portrait of Gregory Climer.

Gregory Climer, Chair of Fashion Design

Meet the program chair

Chair Gregory Climer is an independent designer and artist who has been working at the intersection of design and craft for over 20 years. His design practice has evolved into textile-centered art with a focus on queer identity. He is actively involved in researching alternative ways of making clothing with a focus on creative pattern cutting.

Climer began his career working on Broadway and then started his own menswear label while also working for Karl Lagerfeld, Imitation of Christ, John Bartlett, and others. His work is in the permanent collection of The Leslie Lohman Museum of Art in New York and has been shown at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, The Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina, and many galleries. He was a 2016 artist in residence at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Climer has lectured on creative cutting around the world and is spotlighted in Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan’s book Zero Waste Fashion Design.

MFA, Parsons School of Design, New York


We think with our hands

Imagine and create disruptive design solutions

Fashion Design at CCA combines traditional techniques, tailoring, pattern making, and sewing with experimental methods and material manipulations, including textile treatments, molding, and bio-design. Courses are designed to help you think beyond and question long-standing industry practices to help you develop new aesthetics from your particular vision. View sample courses descriptions.

Investigate ideas through every dimension

Before diving into their chosen major, every undergraduate participates in the First Year Experience. Students explore a wide range of materials and tools over the course of two semesters. Faculty from different disciplines guide studio projects, group critiques, and theoretical discussions, setting students up for success throughout their major coursework.

BFA Fashion Design

Core Studio

Drawing 1
3.0 units
2D, 3D, and 4D
9.0 units

Fashion Design Major Requirements

Fashion Illustration 1–4
12.0 units
Fashion Studios 1–5
15.0 units
Fashion Design 1–5
15.0 units
Investigative Studio
3.0 units

Additional Studio Requirements

Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studio
3.0 units
Critical Ethnic Studies Studio
3.0 units
Studio Electives
9.0 units

Humanities & Sciences Requirements

Writing 1
3.0 units
Writing 2
3.0 units
Introduction to the Arts
3.0 units
Introduction to the Modern Arts
3.0 units
Foundation in Critical Studies
3.0 units
Media History: Fashion Design
3.0 units
Critical Ethnic Studies Seminar (2000 level)
3.0 units
Literary and Performing Arts Studies (2000 level)
3.0 units
Philosophy and Critical Theory (2000 level)
3.0 units
Social Science/History (2000 level)
3.0 units
Sustainability Seminar (SCIMA-2140)
3.0 units
History of Art and Visual Culture (2000 level)
3.0 units
WRD: Writing for Fashion Designers (LITPA-3300)
3.0 units
Humanities and Sciences Electives (2000 or 3000 level, at least 3 units must be 3000 level)
9.0 units

Total 120.0 units


Graduate with in-demand skills

The roles that CCA Fashion Design alumni take on are diverse and exciting, from innovation design to enterprise development for small businesses. They design for major companies and labels, such as Diane von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez, Badgley Mischka, Nike Innovation, Patagonia, Levi Innovation, Michael Kors, Thom Browne, and Viktor & Rolf. Some launch their own businesses and consultancy firms or write books on fashion and textile sustainability.

Drawing from our program’s emphasis on innovation, including biofabrication and other emerging technologies, alumni also find success working for film and VR companies like Oculus Rift and Encyclopedia Pictura. Others apply their knowledge of sustainable fashion practices—circular production systems, carbon-negative fibers, regenerative agriculture, and more—to groundbreaking initiatives for Stella McCartney, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and even big-box stores like Target.

Potential career paths

  • Designer
  • Design director
  • Knitwear designer
  • Curator
  • Illustrator
  • Technical designer
  • Design educator
  • Stylist
  • Pattern maker
  • Author
  • Concept developer
  • Sustainable fabric developer
  • Menswear designer
  • Children’s wear designer
  • UX Designer
  • 3D asset manager
  • 3D technical designer
  • Colorist
  • New media creator
  • Cloth simulation director

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