Meet the Chair

CCA’s Industrial Design Program aims to reflect the wide spread of design and present itself with multiple facets and contrasts, leading design innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley, yet remaining deeply rooted in the Arts and Craft movement and the legacy of makers.

Sandrine LeBas headshot

About Sandrine LeBas

My professional background is deeply anchored in industrial design. Educated in Europe, I joined CCA after 15+ years of experience in consultancy, working on a wide variety of products -- from innovative diaper systems to large-scale medical instruments.

I have witnessed, questioned, and participated in the recent evolution of the industry, and my goal serving as chair is to envision the optimal design education and translate my experience into a pragmatic yet challenging curriculum.

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ID Careers: Opportune Time

The current industrial design field is vast and plural; from the rise of the design-entrepreneur and the smaller-scale local design to the impact of innovative technologies such as 3D printing and other fast-pace digital output, you will have the opportunity to define your own path and develop a unique design voice.

Today a student's role and responsibility in society is to invent scenarios for the future and discover new uses that can be manifested into unique, sustainable, and delightful products.

As you research and identify user needs and behaviors your design thinking will be informed by perspectives of upcoming technologies, future manufacturing processes and materials, sustainability, as well as context of social and economic trends.

The CCA Approach

A key portion of our industrial design process and practice, after coming up with great ideas, is to iterate, validate, and build to test a concept’s viability.

Teaching versatility in complementary and essential skills such as Sketching, 3D and 4D CAD, sewing, welding, prototyping, and woodworking is just one identifiable watermark of this program.

Our students and alumni are known to create beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable designs that reflect not only the craft of making but also the craft of thinking.

Our learning environment is a safe space for you to be inspired by technology, art, science, and nature -- to not only experiment and push material boundaries but also to learn to embrace challenge and accept constructive feedback toward building a stronger and sharper point of view.

Unique Curriculum

We believe in collaboration and implement it at multiple levels -- across disciplines via studio courses and electives, with local community organizations via our unique ENGAGE at CCA program as well as our “backyard” start-ups and more established corporations with whom we partner to offer sponsored workshops and studios.